Summer Tips:

Don’t ignore big toe pain.


The joint at the base of your big toe takes a It’s best to have your toe examined when beating each day. It has to bend with each step you take, gets jammed when you make quick stops or twisting motions, and deals with added stress when placed in high-heeled shoes. Continue reading

Summer tips for fit feet.


Protect your feet this summer! We want you to spend these months enjoying backyard BBQs and relaxing in the pool — not in our office. But remember, pain in your feet is not normal. Continue reading

Men: are you smart sandal shoppers?


Lots of women wear sandals during the summer months and men are wearing sandals more and more too. Sales of men’s sandals grew 20% between 2005 and 2007. However, there is a difference between a good sandal and a bad one in terms of your feet. Continue reading

Tips for a safer barefoot summer.


Going barefoot is one of the pleasures of summer. Whether you’re vacationing at the beach, picnicking at the park, or strolling across the backyard, there’s something liberating about going au natural below the ankles. Continue reading